A Single Bound 8

“That wasn’t the only time either,” Teri said.  Her voice was so low that if their attention hadn’t already been totally focused, they wouldn’t have heard it.

“Wait,” Morgan said.  “You already saw it?”

“I was in the bathroom yesterday morning, after Emily was… well you know.”  Max and Aiden were confused at this point, but Teri and Morgan didn’t feel the need to explain that Emily Vargas had been humiliating Teri in front of a third of the school.

“The lights started acting up,” Teri said.  “That’s when I saw it.”

Everyone was leaning forward with their shoulders hunched.  A thought flashed across Morgan’s brain.  Anyone watching them must think they look awfully suspicious.

“What did you see?” Max asked.

“She was in the mirror, but all the colors were washed out.  It was like she was in black and white, or the light couldn’t touch her and she was always in shadow.”

Morgan shivered.  It was like Teri was describing her dream.

“You’re saying she was in a mirror?” Aiden asked.  “We saw the broken pieces of the mirror in the auditorium yesterday.  There was a pattern missing.  It looked like a person.”

“I had a dream I was trapped in a mirror and she was on the outside,” Morgan said.

The words came out in a torrent and she had to repeat them before the other three could actually to understand them.  Morgan tried to laugh, but it didn’t work.

“It’s silly to be scared of a dream though, right?”

Teri, Aiden, and Max just looked at her. They weren’t laughing.

“Does it have to do with the light falling yesterday?”  Max’s question took everyone by surprise.

“Why do you think that?” Teri asked.

“Well, the distortion on the recording was pretty unexplainable, and now this girl showing up in mirrors is pretty unexplainable too.”

“That doesn’t mean they’re related.”  Morgan could hear Teri’s voice getting even more stressed.

“It doesn’t mean aren’t, Teri,” Morgan said.  She shot her friend a significant look.  She could tell by the way that Teri looked down that she’d guessed right.  Teri was hiding something.

What was worth hiding when you already admitted that there was a girl coming after you out of mirrors?  Teri didn’t want to talk about it, and as much as Morgan wanted to call her out, she didn’t want to do it in front of the boys.

The sound of the bell sent Teri rushing upstairs.  She was already supposed to be up there to set up for the announcements.  Aiden’s eyes followed her and anger boiled in Morgan for an instant.  There was a smile on her face by the time he turned back.

“Well, I should probably be getting to homeroom,” he said.  As though that were a prearranged signal, the three of them drifted off in opposite directions.

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