A Single Bound 7

Teri’s fear was infectious, it crept into Morgan’s voice as well.

“We can’t both be seeing things if it’s the same thing right?  But it can’t be real.”

“I’d rather we were just seeing things.”  Teri said.  “I maybe slept for an hour last night.  I was so tired, but every time I closed my eyes I hyperventilated and almost had a heart attack.”

“There has to be something to it, right?” Morgan asked.  “Why else would the FBI show up?”

“And how did they show up so quickly?” Teri asked.

Morgan just stopped talking.  They were only finding more questions and not getting at any answers.  The bus came to a stop in the school parking lot and the doors opened.  The rest of the students rushed to get out.  They were one of the first buses to arrive every morning so the speed wasn’t necessary, but no one wanted to spend any more time in the cold than they had to.

Morgan and Teri dragged their feet though.  The nearest door was the one right outside the auditorium.  They silently agreed to just keep on walking.  Their breath frosted in the air as they went to the door by the office.

Shivering, Morgan and Teri made their way to their lockers.  Morgan was trying to untangle her scarf when she felt Teri kick her foot.  Recovering her dignity as best as she could and hoping her hair wasn’t flying in too many different directions, she turned to face Aiden.  And Max, she hadn’t noticed him because Aiden’s green eyes made her heart skip.

Her fingers itched with the desire to tuck her hair behind her ears, but she kept her hands at her sides.  As the silence dragged on, she realized Aiden had just said something.  She had no idea what it was.

“Huh?”  It was the only thing she could think to say, and it only made her seem more clueless.

Luckily, Teri had been paying attention and came to her rescue.

“Yes, we were talking about what happened yesterday.  Weren’t you?”

“Yeah,” Aiden said.  “Tell them.”

Aiden turned to Max as he finished speaking.  The shorter boy flipped his head to the side to get his long hair out of his eyes.

“The auditorium is still totally taped off.  Doors closed and everything.”

“Does anyone know what happened?” Morgan asked.

“No,” Aiden said.  “There’s a lot of talk running around.  Most people think the roof is ready to collapse after that light came down yesterday.”

Aiden’s voice trailed off.  Morgan knew that he wanted to grill her and Teri for details, but he was trying to be polite.  Ever since the spotlight had broken free during the musical rehearsal and almost crushed Teri, Aiden had been acting like it was all one big mystery to solve.  Morgan leaned forward, causing the two boys to bend towards her.  Teri was the only one hanging back.

“You heard there was an attacker, and you saw the mirror Aiden,” Morgan said.

They nodded, and Morgan continued.

“Whatever it was, Teri and I both saw it.”

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