A Single Bound 3

“I know what I saw.”

The officer reassured her, but when he got up to confer with his colleagues, Morgan saw that they were all shaking their heads.  She reached over and gave Teri’s hand a squeeze.  Her friend was still in a daze.

“I’m not crazy, am I?” Teri asked.  “You saw?”

“Yes, I saw.  I don’t know what, but I definitely saw something.”

“I saw them checking over there.  It’s the mirror isn’t it?”

Morgan shifted uncomfortably.  She had no idea how to begin talking about what she’d seen.  People didn’t go flying thirty feet through the air when you knocked into them, and glass didn’t mysteriously disappear, especially in the shape of a person.

The sound of the door opening got their attention and saved Morgan for a moment.  A tall man in a suit and dark sunglasses walked into school.  Morgan could feel his eyes sweeping over everything, even though she couldn’t see them.  His suit was black and completely plain.  His white shirt was crisp, and his tie was the same color as his coat, thin, and perfectly knotted.  Even his shoes were polished to a shine.  He looked like he’d stepped off an assembly line or something.  He was the exact opposite of the man coming in behind him, Principal Andrews.

The principal normally looked composed, but he’d obviously rushed back over to the school when the police had called him.  His tie was loose around his neck and his shirt was wrinkled.  He looked up at the man in the sunglasses, confusion on his face.  The only other time Morgan had seen Principal Andrews like this was when a massive food fight broke out in one of the lunchrooms and even his notorious yell couldn’t restore order.

“What’s going on here, Mr….?”

“Taggert.  Special Agent Taggert.”  The agent flashed some kind of ID badge.  Principal Andrews wanted to take a closer look at it, but it was already back in the man’s pocket.

Special agent… that sounded familiar.  Morgan shared a look with Teri and her friend mouthed the letters F B I.  Of course.  She’d heard it on TV all the time.  They turned back to the principal and the FBI agent in time to see Taggert taking off his sunglasses.  Under his carefully cropped black hair were the grayest eyes that Morgan had ever seen.  And she’d thought his glare was intimidating with the glasses on.

With a glance, he silenced the principal’s questions.  He flashed his badge a little longer for the cops.  They immediately started following his orders.  One ran out to his patrol car to get yellow crime scene tape.  The rest moved the students and Mr. Andrews farther away and started getting numbers to call parents.

Taggert paced in front of the still open auditorium door with his phone pressed against his ear until the policeman came back with the tape.  The officer held up the roll and looked at the FBI agent, expecting directions.

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