A Single Bound 2

“What happened?” Aiden asked.

“Somethi—someone attacked her.”

“Let’s go check it out.”  Aiden pulled out his phone and used it like a flashlight to shine a path down one of the auditorium rows.  “Are you coming?”

Teri grabbed Morgan’s arm.  She couldn’t talk yet, but her eyes were wide and unblinking.  Gently, Morgan pulled Teri’s death grip off her arm.

“It’s okay.  We’re just going to look.”

“Shouldn’t we be calling the police or something?” Max asked.

“Good idea,” Morgan said.  “Do that.”

Morgan followed Aiden down the row.  Gum coated the floor and the seat cushions smelled like spilled soda had soaked in and dried out.  The farther they got from the central isle and the light from the door, the brighter Aiden’s phone seemed to get.

They were back one row from where Teri had been attacked.  Morgan kept her eyes in that direction, expecting the dark figure to leap out at any moment.  Aiden was shining his light back and forth, looking all around and not finding anything.

They got to the end of the row and didn’t see anyone.  Morgan looked back.  She couldn’t see Teri, but she could see Max’s head as he crouched down to comfort her.  When she turned back, she saw Aiden wasn’t sweeping the light around anymore.  He was staring at something.  Morgan touched his shoulder and he moved out of the way enough for her to see.

A floor length mirror, even taller than Aiden, was leaning against the side of the auditorium wall.  The frame itself was empty, except for a few jagged shards.  The rest of the glass was crumbled and broken on the ground at the foot of the mirror.  Morgan thought back to the crash she’d heard when she’d been rescuing Teri.  Looking back down the aisle, Morgan didn’t see how this could possibly be what she’d heard.

This mirror was over thirty feet from where Teri had been attacked.  She must have heard the attacker hitting a seat or something.  Then Aiden stepped further aside, and a gasp choked her.  The broken remains of the mirror were indeed scattered underneath it.  Glittering slivers of glass had fallen all the way from the wall to the seats.  But there was a blank space in the middle of the crushed glass.  Morgan saw the outline of a head, arms, legs, and torso.

“What’s going on here?” Aiden asked.  His tone of voice said that he clearly didn’t expect an answer.

Morgan swallowed.  The lump in her throat wouldn’t budge.

The police came a few minutes later.  They found Teri and Morgan sitting on the floor in front of the auditorium.  Max helped them turn the lights on and two uniformed officers walked up and down the rows.  They stopped at the broken mirror and talked for a few minutes.  A third officer questioned the four students.

Once he found out about the accident at the end of the rehearsal, the officer’s questions started to change.  Morgan noticed that instead of ‘what you saw,’ he was now saying, ‘what you thought you saw.’  It took Teri a few minutes to pick up on the change, but once she did she started to get upset.

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