Super 10

Teri felt like she could take a nap.  All the stresses of the day, combined with her full stomach and finally being out of the cold, were almost too much.  Max put the disc into Aiden’s DVD player and fiddled with a couple remotes.  The end result was a screen covered with static.

“Well that was anticlimactic,” Morgan said.

“Tell me about it,” Teri said.

Max rolled his eyes.  “Wait for it.”

“What are we looking for?” Aiden asked.  “Will we know it when we—”

Aiden was cut off by the TV suddenly coming alive.  There still wasn’t any sound, but they could see a bird’s eye view of the auditorium at school.  The same one they’d just snuck out of.  This camera must be high up on the wall above the main doors.

“If there’s a camera there,” Teri said.  “It definitely saw us when we were sneaking through.”

“Shh,” Max said.  “Look at that.”

Teri watched herself wander into the camera’s field of view.  She was moving through the rows of seats.  She wasn’t sneaking, so the footage wasn’t from today.  It was from yesterday.  Teri knew what was coming, so she covered her eyes.

“Hey.”  Morgan sounded upset and confused.  “That’s not what happened.”

Teri opened her eyes and saw Morgan rushing across the screen to help her.  Then she looked back at herself and saw what Morgan was talking about.  There was no shadowy figure standing over her.  It took a moment to make out what was actually going on.  Teri was choking herself.

“That isn’t right.  They must have doctored this or something.”

Teri watched helplessly as Morgan pushed her hands through empty air and then pulled Teri’s hand off her throat.  Max and Aiden made brief appearances on camera before the static reclaimed the TV.  Teri and Morgan looked at each other and then looked at the two boys.

“Don’t say a word,” Morgan said.  “Not one word.”

“I believe you,” Aiden said.

“What about you?” Morgan asked Max.

“Well it’s definitely possible that they edited the camera feed.”

“What do you mean possible?” Morgan asked.  “I think what you meant was they definitely did.”

Teri looked back over at the TV and saw the picture was back.

“Hey, stop arguing.  There’s more footage.”

Morgan let out a huff and turned away from Max.  Teri watched herself walk into view again.  It was the exact same footage, but instead of black and grey, it was tinted greenish.

“Why is the color different?” Teri asked.

“Yeah, why is that?”  Morgan’s eyes bored into Max.

“Um, I think it’s because it’s a thermal camera.”  Either Max wasn’t too sure or he’d been intimidated by Morgan.

“I can make out more of the dark spots,” Aiden said.

There were a few spots that even the thermal camera couldn’t penetrate.  And out of one of them came… something.  It was like a cross between a shadow and a cloud, and it was shaped like a person.  It lunged at Teri, knocking her down.  It was insubstantial enough that you could see through it, and it made it look like Teri was choking herself.  She looked across the couch at Morgan.  She didn’t know if they should feel vindicated or terrified.  Probably both.

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