Super 7

They stood there staring.  Teri didn’t know for how long.  She just knew she felt like throwing up.  Everything about the last few days was wrong, but this might be the worst.  Max was the first to shake himself out of the daze.  He walked over to the nearest whiteboard and touched a photo of himself.

“What is this?”

“The creepiest stalker shrine of all time,” Morgan said.

“No,” Max said.  “Look at the rest of it.”

Teri tried to take a step forward, but her shoes were rooted to the ground.  The muscles in her legs were painfully tight as she finally got them to move.  All the photos of her and Morgan were what had gotten her attention, but they were interspersed among graphs and notebook pages covered with scribbled notes and taped to the boards.  The handwriting was definitely Dr. Fiedler’s, Teri recognized it from all the notes left on her assignments saying that she needed to pay more attention in class.

The writing was tiny, cramped cursive, so Teri couldn’t make it all out.  It usually took her three minutes just to figure out the one sentence Fiedler wrote on papers he handed back, and this was even worse.  A few words jumped out at her.  Subject A was all over the place in the writing, and scrawled under a few of the pictures at her.

“It’s us,” she said.  “We’re his experiments.”

Morgan looked up from the paper she was examining.  “No, that can’t be right.”

“I think she’s right, Morgan,” Aiden said.  He pulled a piece of paper off a wall.  “Listen to this.  Subjects A and B are interacting on a daily basis with no anomalous effects.  They are both in my class, allowing for direct observation, a small price to pay for teaching these brats.”

Aiden paused and looked at Morgan and Teri.  “You do the math.  You’re both in his class and your pictures are all over the place.  That, and you both can… do things.”

“Do you think he did this to us?” Teri asked.

Aiden shrugged.  Teri went back to examining the papers around her picture.

“What’s a tachyon?”  She stumbled over the unfamiliar word.

“It’s a hypothetical particle that goes faster than light.”  Teri, Morgan, and Aiden all turned to look at Max.

“How’d you know that?” Morgan asked.

“It’s in a lot of sci-fi,” Max said.  He turned to Teri.  “Why’d you even ask?”

“It’s circled on this one sheet.  Tachyon burst and prescience are both circled with question marks next to them.”

“Whoa,” Max said.

“What do you mean, whoa?” Teri asked.  “What does whoa mean?”

“I think he’s trying to figure out how you see the future.  Tachyons move faster than light and that means they can move backwards in time.  I think.  Maybe not.”

Thinking about that made Teri’s head hurt.  She’d been creeped out by all the photos of her, but it was nothing compared to Fiedler knowing about the strange power she’d developed.  As she shook herself out of it, Teri realized something was missing.  It took her five excruciating seconds to figure out what it was.  The soft strains of classical music were no longer drifting down into the basement through the crack under the door.

They heard the floorboards shift over their heads.  They froze for a moment, the papers they’d been looking at drifting back into place.  Teri tiptoed over to the light switch Max had turned on.  Everyone else hid behind boxes or whiteboards.  Teri tried to memorize the path to a nearby desk so she could get there and hide in the dark.  The room melted away into blackness as she flipped the switch.

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