A Single Bound Summary

Morgan is having trouble handling all the weirdness.  Her friend Teri is seeing strange, inexplicable things, then she’s attacked by something after a musical rehearsal.  Morgan threw it off her friend, whatever it was.  Threw it thirty feet.  And now the FBI has suddenly appeared and started asking questions.  It’s enough to give anyone nightmares, but not like these.  Morgan is dreaming of the same shadowy, ghostly girl that Teri has been seeing.

Morgan needs to learn more, and it doesn’t hurt that Aiden, a very cute senior, wants to investigate as well.  Morgan, Aiden, Teri, and Max, everyone who saw the strange events after the rehearsal, head back to the closed down auditorium to investigate.  But the shadow girl isn’t only in Morgan’s dreams.  She’s coming for her in the real world.  Morgan saves her friends from falling and breaking their necks, and narrowly avoids breaking every bone in her body.  But the noise has drawn unwanted attention, and now someone is coming for them…

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