A Single Bound 11

Aiden looked almost as scared as they did.  He hadn’t been expecting that kind of reaction.  Morgan did her best to pretend she hadn’t just let out a high-pitched squeal.  Max was busy flipping his hair to hide his face.  Teri was still just standing there, breathing heavily.

“Are you okay Teri?” Aiden asked.  “You don’t look too good.”

Morgan’s left eyelid twitched a bit, but when she turned to look at Teri again, she couldn’t blame Aiden for checking.  Teri shook her head, as though she was trying to get something out of her brain.  It didn’t work, because Teri’s eyes were still wide when her head stopped moving.

“I saw… I saw… the heater.”

Teri looked up.  Morgan didn’t get it.  A shuddering boom tore through the small storage room.  Boxes quivered and drums rattled.  Morgan had let out another yell, but luckily this one had been masked by the sound of the heater turning on.  It was like a cross between an explosion and a jet flying overhead.  It was one of the many reasons the storage room was considered incredibly creepy.  Usually the heat came with no warning.

“How did you know that was going to happen?” she asked Teri.

“I don’t know.  I saw it.”

“You saw it?” Max asked.  “What does that even mean?”

“I saw it…”

Teri struggled to find the words.  She clearly didn’t want to keep talking, but three pairs of eyes bored into her, not letting her stop.

“… before it happened.”

Morgan waited for Teri to crack a smile, revealing the joke.  She looked over at Max.  His jaw was hanging.  Aiden looked focused.

“That’s how you dodged the light yesterday, wasn’t it?” Aiden asked.

Teri didn’t say anything.

“I was looking right at you when it happened,” he said.  “You didn’t even look up.  You just moved out of the way.”

“You’re saying you believe this?” Morgan asked.

“Didn’t you see what happened?” Aiden countered.

Morgan swallowed.  She’d also been looking right at Teri when the light had fallen.  The confusion on Teri’s face and then her explosion into action had been burned into Morgan’s mind.  Everything else that’d happened had driven it from her thoughts, but the more she tried to remember, the more uneasy she became.

Teri’s voice was tiny.

“I saw the light too.  Before.”

Aiden, Max, and Morgan swallowed.  The lights from their phones faded as they forgot to keep pressing the buttons and they slipped into power saver mode.  In the silence, they heard muffled voices coming through the door to the auditorium.

“Who’s in the aud?” Aiden asked.

Max went over to the door and pressed an ear against it.  Morgan looked at Teri.  She looked fragile, so Morgan gave her a smile as if to say the last two minutes hadn’t happened.  Max waved to get their attention and motioned them over to the door.

As the four of them crammed together, the voices became a little clearer.  Morgan still couldn’t make out the words though.

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