A Single Bound 5

Morgan woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Literally.  She always slept facing one direction, but now she was facing the other.  She could barely force her drooping lids open enough to see.  The clock wasn’t making any sense, so she waited a minute while she woke up some more.  She didn’t hear the sounds of anyone moving around downstairs so she knew she wasn’t late.

Stretching the sleep from her body, Morgan looked at the clock again.  Something was wrong with the numbers.  She picked it up and gave it a shake.  She’d dropped a textbook on it the other day, but it hadn’t seemed broken at the time.  Then Morgan realized the numbers were backwards.  It wasn’t until she saw the company logo on the side of the alarm was backwards too that panic started to set in.

Morgan hadn’t woken up on the wrong side of the bed, the bed and everything else in the room was a mirror image of itself.  She looked over to the mirror on her closet door and saw a face staring back at her, a face that wasn’t hers.

Everything in the mirror was facing the right way, which was strange, because Morgan was used to seeing it reversed in there and flipped the right way out here.  What really got her attention was the reflection of her bed.  Right where she was sitting up was someone else entirely.  Even though the sun shone through the windows in both the room and the reflection, the figure on the bed was sitting in shadow.

The tattered remains of a dress clung to her and her hair fell across her face in a twisted, knotted, black waterfall.  Even though she couldn’t see them, Morgan could feel the eyes staring out from gaps in the hair.  It made Agent Taggert’s gaze look friendly.

Morgan had enough.  She needed to get out of here.  Getting up off the bed, she moved towards the door.  Her vision swam and she almost fell over.  Vertigo punched her in the gut.  The entire room started to bend and shift as soon as she moved.  The only thing that stayed in focus was the mirror.  Morgan realized that she wasn’t in her room, she was in the mirror.  That was why the room shifted when she moved.  That was why everything was reversed.

Slowly, the shadowy girl got up off the bed and walked over to the door.  She turned the handle and paused, looking back at Morgan.  She couldn’t see past the hair and shadow, but she could feel the girl smiling.

Morgan screamed and shot upright.  Her hair was matted with sweat and her sheets were in the process of trying to restrain her.  Her heart pounded against her ribs so hard they hurt.  It wasn’t until she saw that everything in the room was normal and not a reflection that she was able to take in a breath.

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