Please Be Kind Summary

Teri is a normal high school junior girl.  She gets picked on, commiserates with her friend Morgan, and sees creepy grey ghosts in mirrors.  So many she’s not so normal.  Aside from ghostly girls in mirrors, she and Morgan are also being watched by Aiden, super-cute senior boy, and Dr. Fiedler, super-mean chemistry teacher.

Teri thought her musical rehearsal was a chance to get away from all the craziness, but things only got weirder.  After seeing the ghost again and screaming in front of half the school, there was an accident on stage.  A light came loose and fell right at Teri.  But it never reached her.  Instead it froze in place and rewound.  Now Teri is wondering why she got to play the same moment over and avoid getting crushed.  Maybe with the help of Morgan, Aiden, and sophomore Max, she can figure out what is happening to her…

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