Please Be Kind 9

“So you two are alright?”

“We’re fine,” Morgan said before Teri could open her mouth.  “Thanks for asking.”

Teri grumbled to herself a little.  She was the one who’d almost been crushed and had crazy weirdness happening to her all day.

“You got out of the way so fast,” Aiden said.  “It’s almost like you knew it was coming.”

When the two girls gave him a look, he quickly spoke again.

“I’m not saying you had anything to do with it, just that you have really fast reflexes.  Never seen anything like it.  That light obviously fell on its own.  The one end was all rusted.”

“It was pretty amazing,” Morgan said.  “How did you get out of the way so fast?”

Teri didn’t think she could really explain that time had frozen and then rewound.

“I don’t know, survival instincts or something.  It was over before I really knew what was going on.”

That last part was true, since Teri still didn’t have the slightest clue what’d happened.  Suddenly Morgan’s eyes lit up.

“Hey, we should check to see if it’s on camera.”

Aiden looked puzzled.  “Camera?”

“Yeah,” Morgan said.  “The new kid was recording this rehearsal as a test for all the camera angles.”

“Cool, let’s go check it out,” Aiden said.

Teri allowed herself to be led towards the light and sound booth.  She wasn’t sure if she really wanted to see the tape.  Half of her wanted to know, but the other half was scared of what might be in there.  The sophomore was fiddling with control dials when the three of them walked over.

He was taller than Teri, about Morgan’s height, so he was dwarfed by Aiden.  His dirty blonde hair fell down around his face, covering one eye as he hunched over the controls.  Even with the light coming out of the open doors behind them, Teri couldn’t make out the color of his eyes.  They might have been blue, or maybe grey.  She still couldn’t remember his name.  Luckily Morgan did.

“Hey Max, we were wondering if you recorded the rehearsal like you’d planned?”

“Yeah, even with the accident I still should have enough footage to adjust the camera placement,” he said.  “Glad you’re okay by the way.”

That last part was directed at Teri.  By the way he hesitated at the end of his sentence, she could tell he didn’t know her name.

“Thanks.  I’m Teri.”

He smiled and then turned back to Morgan.

“Did you guys want something with the recording?”

“Everything happened so fast,” Morgan said.  “Can you show us the footage of the spotlight falling?”

Max started fiddling with some dials and clicked away with a keyboard and mouse.  He sifted through still frames on his computer screen.  Morgan, Teri, and Aiden crammed into the open booth and looked over his shoulders.  Finding what he was looking for, he double clicked and the still frame blew up to cover the whole screen.

“Sorry the picture’s a little blurry,” Max said.  “I wasn’t recording in HD.”

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